Posted by: Jonjon | November 18, 2008

Relationships, if it is bad step out!

It is too easy to find unsuccessful relationships these days.
However, the worst ones are the ones where both people stay hoping that time will fix things even though they know it won’t.

Relationships are not just about sex, but really it is about learning about who you really are from the interactions involved. Intimacy brings the best and worst out of us, so use this time wisely to learn about yourself.

If a relationship is not working, give it time. But if enough time is given and you know that things won’t change, then leave the suffering.

It is very hard for someone to change the way they are, so do not expect them too.
From experience, we are always baffled by the number of times when people ignore advices given to them even though it would be the perfect antidote to their solutions.
This example is showing you how hard it is for someone to change. Most people are not aware of themselves, and their problems, so change never happens . So don’t expect that your partner will change for you. It is more likely that both partners will end up finding more faults in each other.

If you have the ability to leave suffering relationships. Then that is good. However, if you do not learn from your previous one and end up choosing a similar relationship again, that is worse. You see, learning from a relationship is the same as receiving a message from the universe telling you who you are and the problems that you have to work on. But if you don’t hear the message, the universe is going to shout louder next time. So if you don’t learn an easy lesson, the next one will be harder.

So don’t fall into the trap of falling in love with your learning if it is bad, learn it quickly and get out!


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