Posted by: Jonjon | November 18, 2008

Making the right decisions requires the experience of making many many many bad ones.

We are here on earth for a reason. We are here to enjoy life at the same time to learn how to achieve happiness.

Ever heard someone blaming god when something bad happens to them?

In reality, god does not make you feel bad. You do. You have to take responsibility now and stop blaming god and others and realise that every bad feeling is coming from inside you. No one has the power to inject bad feelings into you. It is you to work out why you always react in that way.

We are here not to suffer, yet many people choose to make decisions that leads to suffering.

People make bad decisions everyday. Others are too scared of making any decisions at all and they end up using the phrase”whatever” all the time. However, if we learn from the decisions we make we will eventually know which one is the right one next time. Unfortunately, this requires the experience of having made many bad decisions, so a good idea is to start making some decisions now. Actually, if you work on yourself and become aware of who you really are, making the right decisions will come naturally to you.

So making the right decisions will require you to have a high awareness of who you are. You must know what you like and dislike. This is when experience comes in, because experiences teaches you what you are like. So you will never know who you really are unless you experience life. And if you don’t learn from your experiences, you will end up making a series of bad decisions that will eventually lead to suffering.

Every little thing requires decisions. Your heart will always make the right decisions so listen to it. However, emotions such as fear will make it difficult for you to be who you want to be. So by understanding your fears, you will be able to make decisions too. That is why the awareness of self is so important in order to achieve happiness.


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