Posted by: Jonjon | November 16, 2008

Toothpowder showdown! Vicco Vs Red Powder – Which one will be stored for later use?!


In this post I would like to talk about the health of our teeth.

Dental care is as important as any other hygiene.
Without teeth, we could not eat.
I know I am saying something obvious, but without taking care of your teeth properly you would eventually end up losing all your teeth.

Having the capacity of eating a wide range of things is a natural gift to all of us, and having an unhealthy set of teeth/gums or none at all, takes this wonderful gift away. You can get a replacement teeth for a price yes, but part of the taste and joy of eating disappears too.
Teeth will eventually drop with age naturally yes, but most people drop their set of teeth ahead of nature’s intentions.

A few weeks ago I spoke to this guy. When he opened his mouth to talk it I was presented with a horrible sight. Absolutely horrendosauras!!. I know…we should never judge people, but the truth must be told otherwise I would be sinning on one of God’s commandments right?

All of his teeth was greasy yellow with some parts black. His gums had already receded leaving his teeth looking unusually long and brittle. His breath I wouldn’t want to describe because I’m guessing that is how the insides of his stomach would smell like. I didn’t talk to him for long because I had the fear that one of his teeth would drop out at anytime soon, and I guess that’s how other people would feel too.

So, teeth is not only for eating, but also for communicating, and having a healthy set of teeth will help tremendously.

People like to talk to people who are confident, because it gives them the confidence that they are telling the truth. So even if you are an annoying guy who goes on and on about boring topics, as long as you are confident people will listen.

Also, we all feel happy when we are given affection, even by the most horrendous creatures. We always feel somewhat flattered when the right smile is presented in our direction. But if this smile has problems, then we wouldn’t feel as happy. Smiling with clean teeth, no matter how crooked, will make people want to talk to you. Humans are naturally socialising creatures, and feeling that you belong somewhere is important to both your health and happiness.

How do we take care of our teeth? Our mums and dads have always told us to brush our teeth after meals, perhaps 2-3 times a day with flossing. This will make your teeth whiter dear she says but it never does. What is wrong?

You see, we are tricked once again. We thought we’d be safe in the house but we’re not. The water we drink from our taps destroys our teeth. The meals that our parents cook for us are destroying our teeth too. Our lifestyle, is destroying our teeth.

These days, fluorine is in our waters. This is fluorine in its inorganic and harmful form.
What it does is opposite to its claims. It does not strengthen or clean our teeth. What it does is replace some chemical ions in the tooth enamel.

How do we get healthy gums and teeth? By the natural occuring bacteria in your mouth….. but not anymore! because flourine has just taken post in your teeth to remove it!

Our body, when left alone, naturally heals itself. It’s the junk that we throw in that disturbs this process. Remember when you cut your hand? What happened? it healed. Remember that time you throw up? Well, your body is just dumping the toxic waste out. Our teeth, when left to their own devices will produce the bacteria necessary to clean it. Of course, this would only work if you don’t destroy your teeth by constantly taking in junk into your system.

Flourine is a cause, but not the only one.

Most popular brands have flourine in it unfortunately.

I used to use Colgate because of its colorful packaging and its many purposes. “Whitening” or “12 Hour Protection”? I was never sure which one to get. “Whitening” never worked for me, it did cause irritations though, and “12 Hour Protection” seems only to leave my mouth tasting of Colgate. I still had gum problems and wondered what I am doing wrong.

Later, I used this toothpaste called “Natural” It had everything natural in it except chalk. It cleaned way better than colgate, and it was cheap. With the same amount of money, I could buy three Natural toothpastes instead of 1 Colgate.

However, it was still not clean enough. Someone told me that “Toothpowder” cleans your teeth 100% well so I went to search for this product.

I wasn’t sure where I could get toothpowder so I did a search on eBay. Apparently the indians have been using it for centuries!. I trust the indians to use the right product for their teeth since their teeth are always blindingly white.

From the people around me, I heard that people of the older generations used to use toothpowder too. But not these days, so I guess profit making industries have succeeded in selling their poisons to us.

I heard that Uncle Harry’s Tooth Powder was good, but never got around to buying that.

The point of me buying toothpowder is to avoid buying anything with chemical in it. Any inorganic thing that you use to clean yourself with is bad.

So I searched around for organic toothpowders, and natural herbal toothpowders, and then I found the hopeful two below.

1. Vicco Vajradanti Toothpowder
When I received this product, I expected an instruction book. There was none! I flipped the product back and fourth but only could find an indian girl smiling at me.
I had no idea how to use toothpowder. However, after asking around I did get some instructions. “Wet toothbrush with it and brush normally”. And apparently some indians use their fingers as toothbrushes. Wow…..Indians do everything with their hand.

I dipped my toothbrush into the powder and proceeded to brush my teeth. It was less torturing than I thought it would be. Infact, it was quite nice, to just have water and powder in your mouth instead of horrible Colgate Foaming Action TM. After a few weeks, my front teeth did seem a bit whiter. Maybe I am imagining or hoping too much…but I think it has?

2.Ayurvedic Herbal Red 100g Toothpowder By Dabur

When I saw ayurvedic I was like…WoW. I like anything Ayurvedic, because to me the word implies “thousand years of knowledge from wise people who you can trust” So I quickly stored the Vicco Vajradanti away and proceeded to dip my toothbrush into this powder. When I placed the toothbrush into my mouth I nearly choked. My mind was telling me, “Take that hot curry out of me!!!!” My lips burnt a bit and I was pretty much confused. I wondered if I was using the toothpowder the wrong way and quickly picked up the product hoping to find the instruction “shake well before use” but there was none! Wow……what a spicy toothpowder!
Ignoring the mild pain and numbness on my lips, I proceeded to brush my teeth. I began to recollect a curry dish that I had a while back, “Vegetable Jalfarezi (Chef’s Special)” as spicy aromas swilred around in my mouth. Fortunately, after I rinsed well,the bad sensations went away.
I guess the spiciness is part of the “Natural ingredients like Clove and Mint gives a refreshing breath.” so it’s safe.
*Update* Don’t like this toothpowder, leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Although my teeth did whiten a bit. Vicco Vajradanti seems friendlier to use tho.

So I believe toothpowder to be the best to use. I heard toothsoap is good but it has no particles in it that actually *grinds and take dirt off your teeth*.

I suggest anyone who wants to have clean teeth to buy an electric toothbrush. The sonic ones are the best, they are fast and clean very well.

However, the most important way to have healthy teeth is to have a healthy lifestyle. Becareful of what you eat. For instance, fruits are less harmful to your teeth than meat, because the intake of meat produces acid. Natural sugars from fruits and sugar canes are fine but refined carbohydrates such as white sugars and processed foods such as sweets and snacks damage your teeth. Saliva also cleans the teeth so chew your food! Chewing also works the jaw muscles and lessens the load on the stomach, and guarantees that your date won’t run away from you next time.


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