Posted by: Jonjon | November 16, 2008

Emotions are the culprits of disease

The problem with people these days is that they are becoming too ignorant. It is not entirely their fault really, as the society is the big bad influence.

Television shows promote the ideas of lascivious night lives and expensive Gucci bags. People are becoming more and more unaware of their being, character and health by giving into the latest trends the society wants you to believe in.

Having wealth, a high position job, wife or a husband has become the ideal dream of the mainstream. People strive, mostly under pressure, to achieve this. Competition for these things make people forget who they really are, and unfortunately some finish this life still not knowing what their purpose in life was, unsatisfied.

That is mid-life crisis. When one forces himself into a cul-de-sac, thinking that being a successful dad would be the open road to happiness, he is eventually confronted face to face with the inescapable truth. He was wrong in following what the other people were doing, and yes…that feeling of emptiness inside him could never vanish by following the superficial desires of men.

Really, no matter what you do, or achieve in this materialistic world, as long as you attempt to follow other people’s definition of happiness, you will never achieve it. Tragically, the people who define happiness are as clueless themselves. Your parents tell you to be someone that you are not. I am not saying for you to not listen to them. Listen to yourself, what do you want? If you know what you want, just be yourself, there is no need to conform to anyone’s desires. That is giving up happiness.

You see, because of all these things, people begin to ignore what their hearts are telling them to do. All they end up doing in the end is abandoning their own identity in order to serve the roles that society expects upon them.

Worrying about the next pay cheque, about girlfriends, marriage, the baby, makes your life into a bit of a mess. Society expects you to conform: drink milk to get calcium, drinking alcohol to socialise, to purchase clothes and shoes that are out of your budget when in reality….I don’t want to sound like a nutritionist but the truth is… the stomach lacks the enzyme to digest milk (you stop digesting milk after you turn 3). The alcohol gives you a temporary bliss when infact it is indigestible too, and the *high* feeling you get from it is because your body is exhausting itself to free this toxic from its system . You know it’s not necessary to replace your wardrobe with new clothes every week or buy the most expensive things. Hey, actually, you could survive with the little money you have if you just spend it on the necessities. You are well equipped to pursue your dreams, that is, if you eventually find out what it really is

You complain about your weight, and follow the advice of society to buy an effortless pill that guarantees your weight to drop in a matter of seconds instead of jumping on that treadmill.

The government inject into the public supply of water with fluoride and everyone celebrates expecting it to heal tooth decays when it in fact the fluroide actaully destroys the calcium in your teeth.

People celebrate again when they are offered industralised vegetables that are cheaper and look more attractive than their uglier organic counterparts when infact the new lines of vegetables have lost most of their nutritional values through genetically modifying to make it look sexy.

Where is the truth now? You see, everyone is being lead astray.

What do you want to do with your life? Do not let fear constrict you. Listen to your heart. What would you do if you had no fears, and if you had no need to conform to this society? What is it?
This requires self-reflection, and of course the answer will be different to everyone.

As you can see now, we may not be as clear about who we are as we have thought.
Tell me the truth, how many times have you, in your life, taken time to pause everything and listen to your heart, and try to realise who you really are?

You’ve been living all this time, thinking that you know who you really are when infact you have just been following the lives of many people, as clueless as you are.

Have you ever taken responsibility, and ask, what do I really like, and what do I really dislike? And most important of all…Why?

If you do not pause everything, and reflect upon your inner thoughts, you will end up with a diseased body, which ahem, everyone already has. You see, that is why it is necessary to work on our body right now before it becomes too late.

Bad emotions can create diseases in the body. This is a pretty natural thing. Your mind is always telling you what your bad habits are by manifesting them through your bod. Yes…as disease.

You wonder why you have foul breath = Stop eating nasty things! or get more rest so the stomach can digest properly! ….and stop thinking about nasty thoughts!!!

Your body refuses to sleep at night = Stop being angry ! Stop worrying! Stop Fantasizing! Stop imagining!

You find that you have cracked lips = Drink more water!

The list goes on, but the more subtle ones include…

You get the flu, and blame it on someone. You do not care to even see that there are also people in the same room who does not contract the disease. It’s easier to throw the blame, instead of realising that something is wrong with your immunity system.

Someone says something to you and makes you angry. You blame it on them again because it’s easier to do this than trying to figure out what is making you act that way. There are many people who will not react in the same way as you do when the same things are being said to them.You don’t want to admit that you have repressed emotions and unsolved issues. These are the main causes of disease.

You have pimples on your face, you blame it on the genes. But it maybe that you are an angry person. You don’t realise that you are because you repress it. Don’t ever be convinced that you know yourself unless you have taken time to attend to your emotions. Most people are ignorant. You tell an angry person that they are angry, but they say they are not and instead point out your own flaws….yes.. with a red face. People can never see their own flaws because doing doing so requires effort. It’s easier for people to project their own personality onto others.

You find that there is something wrong with your throat. Maybe you are a nervous person, you are afraid. What is it that is making you afraid? What makes you feel so insecure in this world? Nervousness creates alot of disease. It affects the bowels because what you cannot digest in the real world you cannot digest physically.

If you feel ill, do something about it. Lessen or eliminate drugs and alcohol from your system. You say that life is not fun without it? well, the sad thing is that these things actually make your life unhappy when you live without it. You have become addicted to the temporary bliss and every now and again you have to indulge in these things to escape what you are truly feeling inside.

You see, people who are addicted to these things are people that are not happy. Usually they cannot live by themselves, and need to be around people and entertainment in order to distract themselves when their suppressed feelings are given time to surface. Drugs and alochol will only exacerbrate the condition. They are literally a toxic waste to the body, and it creates a heavy burden on you when your body tries to expel it. And yes, your body will worsen as you continually take in these toxic things, and every bit of an unhealthy cell makes you every bit as unhappy .

You say that it’s only weed…it’s harmless bro!!. and you tell me that you can’t get addicted to it so it’s all good? Well, it’s not about addiction my friend…. The path to happiness requires a healthy body, and if you dump toxic waste in your body you will never achieve it. It affects your mind too. If you tell me otherwise then tell me why you must do these things? Can’t you enjoy life as much without it? ..Well obviously no.

Just exactly how much have you done to work on both your body and mind?

The only way to leave the sadness behind is to deal with it. The first step to deal with it is to understand that you may have a problem. This is good, because that is when you get closer to happiness. Temporary fun is never a substitute for eternal happiness. People who never work on themselves will never be able to understand that happiness comes with in, not from out. It is not just a wise phrase, it’s just the truth.

You can really feel more happy everyday with a healthier body and mind. The degree of happiness has an unmeasurable length. However, the happiness as defined by the society, and by us these days limits this into a short scale. We think we are happy with what we have at the moment, but really, it’s what society is making you think.

Happiness is…..really important. If you think you can live the way you are right now, and that you are happy. Then….it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing! But do you realise that you can be happier? And if you are unhappy, then the decision lies on you to make the change.

On a sidenote, imagine this. 8 people who are happy with their jobs and wife and kids, are now stranded on an island with nothing but enough fruit for survival. Some might be able to accept this, but there will be more that will break down. Decrease the number of people down to 4 now. Lonliness sets in, and the future of no more tv, dining out with friends are becoming harder to accept. Cut the number of people down to just you now. Are you able to be happy just by yourself now?

I know it is an extreme example, but it is essentally the truth. The measure of happiness can only be determined by how you feel about this world and yourself when all the distractions are taken away.


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